Friday, 8 July 2011

8th Comes Again..

Today is 8th.. Happy Anniversary.. Again.. I celebrate it, alone.. :)
Few things to remember about u..
* Dead Sea
* U're going to bring me to the best Char Kuei Tiau stall in this world
* U gonna buy me teddy bears..
* U gonna bring home roses everyday..
* U gonna teach me swim..
* You hate vegetables..
* U always cannot finish your food..
* After Life
* Avenged Sevenfold
* Maroon
* Your lines.. "hoho", "stupid", "darling..", "oh no", and loves your broken English..

Today is boring.. Whatever it is.. " Happy Anniversary.." :) May God bless u..

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Black And Red..

people are scared of it. they say its sign of DEATH.
i say its LIFE..
dead bodies dont bleed.
living ones do..
if u bleed, u r alive.
and im still bleeding, still breathing.
my heart is beating.
My favourite colour is red. or black.
black for the DARKNESS.
red for BLOOD.
black for DEATH.
red for LIFE.

I Want an Angel

Do I look happy?.... yeah I do..
Do I smile?... yeah a fake one..
Do I laugh?... yeah.. i'm forced to..
Do I cry?... every time before I sleep..

Dear God,

Send me an angel please.. So I have someone to protect me, someone who will be with me anytime I'm in trouble.. Please God. :) I promise I'll be a good girl :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bukan Aku...

Korang.. tolonglah percaye.. bukan aku yang ambil duit korang...Bukan aku.. Kenape korang tak percayekan aku?.. Sebab aku lain drpd orang lain?? Why..? Because I'm emo?? I didn't take it.. I swear..

Please, someone.. believe me... Aku tak ambil pun.. Duit aku pun hilang jugak.. nape korang tak percayekan aku?? Aku tak nak la duit korang.. ='( Bukan aku yang ambil... Tolongla percaye... Bukan aku...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stop Judging Me!!!!!!

She’s just a normal teenager,
Standing in a crowd,
She seems to be so different though,
So much so people stop to turn around.
They judge her on the way she looks,
The thick make up around her eyes,
The scars that stretch across her arms,
And suddenly they’re sure they know why.

But they have no idea what life the girl leads,
They don't know she actually does want it to end.
The girl’s a very lonely child,
She sits at home and cries,
Her emotions so powerful, taking over her life,
She looks forward to the day that she dies.

She lifts up her razor blade,
Observing it from afar,
Moving it closer and closer to her arm,
Her arm that was once so pretty before all the scars.
She sends it slicing through her skin,
Blood dripping on the floor,
She only did it once that day,
But it started to become more and more.

“She’s a waste of time, look how moody she is”
They never know how painful she is
Her life had become pointless,
No one left to love,
No one there to care for her,
She’d finally had enough.

Tears streamed down her eyes,
The awful comments breaking her heart even more,
She thinks about the girl she used to be,
The happy, bubbly girl, just a few years before.

If only someone hadn’t judged her,
And tried to read her signs,
The signs that showed her plea for help,
Someone could have give her strength to survive.

But she is more than just what stands before them,
What their eyes can see.
She once was a happy girl,
Who got good grades at school,
She didn’t care for what people thought of me,
But she has grown to be not such a fool.

She knows they’ve made impressions about her,
Before even knowing who she is,
They don’t think about the problems she may has in her life,
She know they truly don’t give a damn.

"So let me say this to you,
And I’ll only say it once,
After this my life is through,
Thanks to you it shall be gone.
NEVER stereotype me for the way I look,
Don’t judge the decisions I chose to make,
I know that most now, were pretty bad,
But I have tried to learn from my mistakes.
How do you know that I’m not smart?
Or really good at sport?
How do you know I don’t like to help others?
How can you be shore I wish to have my life cut short?
Everyone is different,
So don’t DARE judge others by what you see,
And if you do I hope you pay,
By suffering for all eternity.
Well now I bid you my goodbye,
As it is my time to go,
I do not believe I belong on this earth.."

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I Wish...

erm... hehe... what should i write huh?... ermm... oww yeah..
I'm going to write my wishes... hehe... I guess everyone has their own wishes huh?? hehe.. so .. Let's share..

1) First of all.. I want a happy family.. hehe...
2) erm... i want someone to accompany me when I'm scared.. that wud be nice.. ^^
3) I want to be an angel.. not a MONSTER... so stop calling me a monster because I know I'm not!!!!
4) I hope people know I love them.. ^^
5) I want to have as many friends as I could.. LOLLLLL!! that wud be funnn!!!
6) I don't want to trouble people.. and if i did, I'm sorry.. :'(
7) I want to go for shopping and have a nice walk with mom and dad!! (^_____^)
9) I want people to listen to me, be nice, and stop calling me stupid emo coz u never know how much I cry every single nite.!! So stop calling me stupid you IDIOT!!!! >_<
10) I don't want to see mom and dad fight again.. stop it.. it's annoying bhahaha...
11) LOL... I want to be rich!! hehe...
12) I want to be famous, and yea, HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS!!! xD
13) ermm... what more?.. oww yeah, i want to feel alive. hehe.. teach me how, and give me what's the point of life? LOL!! haha

Monday, 6 June 2011

ShuT UpppPPP!!!!

Dear mom and dad, stop fighting in front of me, because that's really childish and annoying.. And please, stop beating each other.. Lmao lol!! I'm sick of that, please understand me, i care about both of you..

AND STOP making me feel like a jerk, because i can't do anything except just looking like a shit in front of u guys, with those stupids shitty words come out from your mouth!!! LOL??