Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I Wish...

erm... hehe... what should i write huh?... ermm... oww yeah..
I'm going to write my wishes... hehe... I guess everyone has their own wishes huh?? hehe.. so .. Let's share..

1) First of all.. I want a happy family.. hehe...
2) erm... i want someone to accompany me when I'm scared.. that wud be nice.. ^^
3) I want to be an angel.. not a MONSTER... so stop calling me a monster because I know I'm not!!!!
4) I hope people know I love them.. ^^
5) I want to have as many friends as I could.. LOLLLLL!! that wud be funnn!!!
6) I don't want to trouble people.. and if i did, I'm sorry.. :'(
7) I want to go for shopping and have a nice walk with mom and dad!! (^_____^)
9) I want people to listen to me, be nice, and stop calling me stupid emo coz u never know how much I cry every single nite.!! So stop calling me stupid you IDIOT!!!! >_<
10) I don't want to see mom and dad fight again.. stop it.. it's annoying bhahaha...
11) LOL... I want to be rich!! hehe...
12) I want to be famous, and yea, HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS!!! xD
13) ermm... what more?.. oww yeah, i want to feel alive. hehe.. teach me how, and give me what's the point of life? LOL!! haha

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